Yolk’Em levels up in 2016


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2012 was a big year in technology. Facebook became a publically traded company, Apple released the iPhone 5, Microsoft released Windows 8, and we at Two Bulls released Yolk’Em.

Yolk’Em, the Augmented Reality arcade game playable on a t-shirt, was featured as one of the best games of 2012 by Apple. It was showcased on television, raved about in reviews and brought Augmented Reality to people back when people didn’t even know what it was.

Now we’re in 2016, the Two Bulls development team has been busy giving Yolk’Em a refresh. So how can you improve on an already great game?

You bring it to Android!Android Robot arms crossed

That’s right, as of May 2016 Yolk’Em fans will be able to play on either their favourite Android or iOS device.

Play the game on your screen or level up your experience and play in the real world using Augmented Reality. Simply use any compatible target marker – including our custom game t-shirts – and experience the invasion in the real world!

Coming to Android also opened up a new opportunity – achievements. As you play Yolk’Em you’ll unlock Google Play achievements. These are showcased in your Google Play profile and enable you to see how you compare at Yolk’Em to your friends!


We’ve also taken advantage of technology changes to update where you can play Yolk’Em. No longer limited to the original Yolk’Em t-shirt logo, we have the ability to let you play Yolk’Em on some new images/logos, which we look forward to showcasing soon.

Yolk’Em Features:
• Cutting edge Augmented Reality gameplay – take your experience off the screen
• Google Play leaderboards & achievements are enabled – earn points and compete against your friends
• Classic breakout style arcade gameplay
• Real-time 3D lighting effects
• Retro music & effects create an instant musical flashback
• Infinite gameplay – from easy to insane, push yourself to the limit
• Achieve massive combos for huge points

Download Yolk’Em on the App Store or Google Play store today!

App Store LogoGoogle Play