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How can you measure passion?

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The Renault Pulse App is a heart rate monitor that measures and records your pulse as you pursue your passion; whether it be following the twists and turns of the drivers on the Grand Prix track or pushing your limits in a workout session.


The app utilizes the camera and light of the device to determine the users pulse, the camera measures the minute changes of hue and saturation in the skin caused when the blood is pumped. The app extrapolates each beat attain the users BPM (Beats Per Minute) providing an estimated heart rate.

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The app was originally designed for onlookers to compare heart rates whilst watching the 2014 Grand Prix, but evolved into an effective heart rate monitor for all manner of activities. The social media integration allows users to challenge their friends or show the world how high they managed to raise their heart rate.

Although there is no exact measure for passion, with the help of the Renault Pulse App you can come close…



By including an app, Carrspace ensured the longevity of their campaign

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