Renault Kinect

Are you faster than an F1 Driver?

Carrspace // Renault // Kinect // F1 // Grandprix

Two Bulls in conjunction with Carrspace, developed an interactive exhibition that was displayed at Renault’s Booth at the 2015 Grand Prix.

The innovative installation incorporated Microsoft Kinect to create an interactive experience that tested the player’s knowledge and reflexes. Utilizing the Kinect, players’ limbs and motions were tracked and displayed as a cursor on screen.

Users loved the incorporation of their own face as the player’s avatar. At the end of the playthrough the player was given a photo with their avatar and scores which were compared to either Daniil Kvyat or Daniel Ricciardo, both prestigious Formula 1 drivers.

The booth had a steady stream of people throughout the Grand Prix, with over 750 people finishing the game, many even came back to try and improve their scores!

The Kinect installation took Renault’s presence at the Grand Prix to the next level

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