Two Bulls worked with Nichify to create an innovative social media platform dubbed ‘the first network for social networkers’.

Nichify is a free, secure mobile application which allows social media Influencers and Brands to connect and collaborate to grow and monetise their social reach.

On Nichify you can find, instantly chat and create deals with users you know from social media.

Nichify set out to transform and disrupt the social advertising industry, by placing the power back in the hands of the creators rather than the platform.

Nichify allows social media Influencers to turn their online community into their online business and lets Brands advertise their products and/or services through niche targeted Influencer Marketing strategies.

On Nichify, you can think of your Profile as your social resume; bring all of your social accounts together on one powerful, secure platform to promote and leverage your social reach.

In its first 24 hours Nichify had a combined user reach of over 250 million as well as thousands of active users and many prestigious brands including:

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With Nichify’s inbuilt deal functionality, coordinating paid or mutually beneficial advertising campaigns couldn’t be simpler. Users are guided through a series of deal progressions where both parties have the ability to make changes to the deal until the agreed terms are reached.

Nichify’s versatile chat system allows the app to adapt to anything the user could desire, from an effective advertising tool to a way for top Influencers and Brands to privately chat with followers.

From a technical perspective, Nichify runs on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) to provide a scalable, robust and responsive platform to Nichify’s growing user base.  The platform utilises Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) that direct incoming requests to a dynamically scalable cluster of EC2 instances.  Postgres RDS is utilised as a scalable data store and S3 is used for file and asset storage.

Nichify is now available for download free on the App Store, as well as the Google Play store.


Powered by AWS Cloud Computing


Why not chat with us? Download Nichify and search for “twobulls”.

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