In 2012 Phil Bosua had a bright idea.

Internet of things // LIFX // Kickstarter // iOS // Android // Cloud

He wanted to create a wifi-enabled, multi-color LED lightbulb that you could control with your mobile phone. The company he created was LIFX and he put his idea on Kickstarter with the goal of finding enough interested people to raise $100,000.

He raised $1.3 million.

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Now LIFX had to get to work and they did. The challenge for LIFX is that there was so much to do. First they had to complete the incredibly hard electrical engineering and manufacturing challenges need to produce the lightbulb, something they had experience with, and then they had to create software that was every bit as great and innovative as their hardware. That was a new challenge.

In 2014 LIFX raised over $12 million to fuel their ambitions and part of that was that it was time to solve some lingering issues on the software side and that’s when they turned to Two Bulls. We stepped in and helped them rebuild their apps from the ground up. But to make LIFX everything it promised, we also had to help them rebuild their cloud infrastructure and even the firmware on the bulbs themselves. In addition to the core features of the bulbs, we were able to help LIFX become a true part of the larger IoT space – implementing AllJoyn’s connectivity frameworks, certifying LIFX as “Works with Nest”, and adding IFTTT integration.

We were able to rapidly scale up LIFX’s development capabilities by augmenting their existing team with members of our own, provide technical and design leadership, guide the hiring of new talent to build their own in-house team, and bring the infrastructure of our experienced team to their company all while maintaining the agile flexibility a young, rapidly growing startup needs.

But best of all, when we released the rebuilt app in January of 2015 the users loved it.

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