LIFX Kinect

What happens when you combine a Kinect and over 80 LIFX globes in a large public installation?

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Two Bulls teamed up with LIFX, creators of the LIFX Smart bulb, to develop a Microsoft Kinect powered lighting experience for Melbourne’s PauseFest 2015. Using over 80 LIFX globes, visitors could interact with the lights by simply moving their body to adjust the brightness or the colour of the globes in the installation.

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The project utilised Microsoft Kinect to track movements and express them through light with an array of mesmerizing colors, seamlessly blending art with smart bulb technology.

We gained some fantastic metrics over the course of the installation’s residency at Federation Square, more than 3,500 people engaged with the installation – typically in groups of two or more. Engagement levels were also fantastic, with numerous visitors spending over 10 minutes playing with light!

We’ve worked extensively with our good friends at LIFX who are also members of the Allseen Alliance, helping to advance and standardise the Internet of Things (IoT).

Find out how IoT can change the way you see the world around you.

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