How do you get the Internet of Things to work together and heed your bidding? Meet: Higgns.

Internet of things // Android // CES 2015

The Internet of Things is the brave new world of distributed computing; ordinary objects turned extraordinary through sensors and connectivity.

But if all that connectivity is going to be useful those things need a common language and that’s where Qualcomm stepped in. Five years ago they created AllJoyn, a framework to allow all the Things in the Internet of Things to interact with each other. Qualcomm open-sourced that technology into the AllSeen Alliance which quickly received the backing of major OEMs and software players including LG, Microsoft, Haier, Electrolux, and over 100 others.


In 2014 Qualcomm turned to Two Bulls with a challenge: build a system to get all the devices from all these manufacturers working together as the ultimate showcase of what the IoT can do for CES 2015. We took that challenge and got to work and in January we debuted Higgns.

Higgns is the first AllSeen fully interoperable, hardware agnostic IoT interface. With Higgns, you can build your own stories and have the smart devices in your environment – across manufacturers – work in concert to deliver the actions you want.

Two Bulls has a unique depth of experience building interfaces, infrastructure, and low-level systems for IoT devices. We have been doing hardware integration for years, and are trusted with the most mission critical assignments by the largest industry players like Qualcomm as well as the most import emerging players like LIFX.

Find out how our experience with applications, interfaces, infrastructure, firmware, and data can help you with your products.

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