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Startup Expense Check change the way business access electricity specials


Expense Check was founded in 2014, with the belief that it should be easy for small businesses to make great decisions, and had an aim to build the tools to enable that to happen. Already the easy to use system has garnered major interest from the business community and investors.

Now on the back of a funding round that saw it raise $1 million in capital, Expense Check is paving the way for sustained growth in 2016.

The premise of Expense Check is simple; a business owner uploads their bill where it is compared against other providers on the platform to ensure you receive the best price. Quickly approaching $1 million in savings for customers, the benefit is clear to see.
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Two Bulls have been collaborating on Expense Check since the beginning. Supplementing their internal talents, we have provided assistance in technical development to enable the company to grow faster, tackle technical challenges with ease and make new features come to life.

The Start

Founder Nigel originally approached Two Bulls to work with him to build the MVP to validate the business model and develop some initial scale which was not possible with the foundational manual systems.

Working together, a new algorithm was created, enabling this process to be done automatically when provided with details, offering better speed and accuracy for the customer. Along with these changes, integrations with accounting software Xero was added, allowing Expense Check to quickly & easily update with the popular accounting system.

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The work done by Nigel allowed Expense Check to grow substantially following its beta release at  Xerocon 2015, providing significant early traction and providing the platform for growth opportunities over the next 12 months.

Following Xerocon’s success Nigel made the decision to move his entire business into our Collingwood office, joining the Two Bulls team day-to-day and ensuring he was surrounded by the creative and innovative Two Bulls staff.

Round 2

With ever increasing growth and opportunity, Nigel continued to develop the platform, first tackling the automation of the reading of bills making the entire process seamless and globally scalable.

This is one of a number of continued updates for Expense Check that are being rolled out, including the new Automated Switching capabilities coming soon.

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Nigel’s vision and dedication to Expense Check have made it into the success it is. Two Bulls are proud to have been able to assist in the development of Expense Check to where it is today and look forward to seeing it grow further in 2016.

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