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With consumer 3D printing a reality and the Minecraft phenomenon redefining gameplay and digital creativity, Blokify sets the standard for fun modelling, play and real-world 3D printing. Backed by 3D Systems, the leader in leader in consumer and industrial 3D printing, Blokify makes creating your own 3D models childs play. Using gorgeously simple UX design, the Blokify app makes an iPhone or iPad one’s own personal sandbox.

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Blokify is a 3d modeling iOS application that allows anyone to easily build whatever their imagination can conjure. The block based system allows users of all ages to quickly and easily turn a mental image into a virtual creation. The app is designed so that anyone can become an expert in minutes, with the ability to fabricate intricate structures with only one hand, Blokify can be used by the youngest of children with ease. The app has various block textures, ranging from castle walls to ships masts that all have their unique look when 3D printed.

There are a variety of levels available including Castle Mountain, Space Platform, Pirate Sea and New Block City. All have their own unique blocks and pre designed templates to create a diverse set of building environments for players.

The transition from virtual to physical is then handled by one click wireless 3d printing; users can go from a thought to physical product within a few hours. This allows users to experience unlimited building blocks with no clean up, ever. With wireless printing, users can send their design from the app to a personal 3D printer. If they don’t own a 3D printer, the have the ability to order a model to be printed and have it mailed to them directly.

The incorporated “Challenge Mode” brings guided modeling to the virtual world. Follow the blueprint blocks to complete models. When a user completes a mode they can either print or save them for endless customization.

Blokify incorporates a sharing feature that allows players to share their creations with a community of other builders.

Two Bulls partnered with Nuquo to breakdown the barriers to 3D content creation. Blokify’s mission is to deliver software that makes modeling and 3D printing intuitive, fun, and accessible, for users all of ages, tastes, and interests.





We were able to bridge the digital and physical world with the worlds first kid friendly 3D printing software

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