ATF Vision

ATF embrace IoT to change an industry


ATF Services are a huge player in temporary fencing solutions. If you need a fence at a worksite, concert, mining camp, or anywhere else, they will make it happen. Built on incredible service and high standards, they’ve built an enviable name in their market.

Their decision in 2014 to expand into security no doubt took many people by surprise, but as a complimentary service to their offerings it made perfect sense. However, instead of offering traditional manned security solutions, ATF instead created an entirely new IoT-based product that made remote monitoring easier than ever.

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The product is called ATF Vision, a portable security solution that provides modern security solutions
for outdoor worksites, powered by smart technology. It features a number amazing capabilities including the ability to run on battery or solar power, expanding its life and versatility in the field. It’s also highly mobile, meaning it can be easily moved to meet the customer’s needs without losing functionality or requiring complicated setup time. Most importantly it provides real-time video feeds 24/7, accessible by staff, along with smart movement tracking and notifications to support it, giving ultimate peace of mind to customers.

ATF approached Two Bulls to help expand the capabilities of their original models. Our background in IoT development made us the perfect company to tackle the task of ensuring all the technical components worked together smoother than ever, increasing the reliability and adding new functionality.


Two Bulls sat down with ATF and came up with a number of key focus areas to get the product working optimally. This included ensuring the mobile IoT systems were in place and that all the technology worked together seamlessly. Allowing multiple connected devices and technology pieces work together in one device is no small feat, ensuring they all worked in harmony was important in order to lay the framework for future upgrades.

At the same time, improving the user experience was also flagged as vital. Giving customers new ways to access their security feeds, along with better notifications and warnings, was important to keep them ahead of the market. With results already coming in from real world customers, Two Bulls were able to focus on how to help customers engage with the service.


Two Bulls commenced work on the ATF Vision, utilising traditional waterfall development practices to make the changes previously identified. As we got started, ATF was also working hard getting real world feedback from clients. As their product was facing use in real world situations feedback was coming in that was contradictory to the needs that had initially been identified.

As new needs came to the front, previously held assumptions were challenged. For instance, an iOS app, a core component of the initial brief, was rendered less useful when feedback came that many users didn’t own iPhones, they still had Blackberries.

Armed with this new information and with the backing of ATF, who worked closely with us at every stage, Two Bulls transitioned to a more rapid Agile development style. This complemented the changing needs of ATF and allowed for swifter testing of new features as they became available.

With work broken into a number of sprints over time, progress came fast, and the initial changes were knocked over in a few months. This not only created a better product in the field but quickly provided further opportunities for feedback.


Trial and Delivery:

Working in an Agile development style was a key factor in the successful development of the product. Allowing us to quickly adjust to client needs and ensuring we made the best product possible for the consumer. Not every company is suited for Agile, but ATF’s communication and commitment made it a fantastic way to work.

ATF Vision has been a massive success and game changer in the portable security space. As we continue to work closely with ATF, we have already moved into the next stage of sprints for updates, increasing the product capabilities.

ATF are now leading the world in remote video surveillance technology thanks to the introduction of IoT into their business, combined with the sophistication of their solutions.

ATF Vision is available now to meet your security needs. To enquire about costs or for more information visit the ATF Vision website.