We are an award-winning team of thinkers, doers and industry-shakers.

We are creative developers, producing immersive experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible with today’s devices. We design and develop apps, services, products and ecosystems for mobile, desktop and emerging platforms. Our apps have been downloaded millions of times by users around the world and have received numerous international awards.

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We work with
start-ups and established brands,
from concept to delivery.

We think it’s no coincidence that some of the world’s most innovative brands have chosen to work with us.

Our Team

Two Bulls was founded by college friends James Kane and Noah Harlan in 2009. We’ve grown from a core team of 5 to a team of over 50 with staff in offices in Melbourne, Berlin and New York. Our success is in no small part a result of having the best minds in the industry  in our team.

  • Noah Harlan

    Noah Harlan


  • James Kane

    James Kane


  • Evan Davey

    Evan Davey


  • Steve Cassidy

    Steve Cassidy

    Infrastructure Engineer

  • Virgil Cameron

    Virgil Cameron

    Principal Designer

  • Kylie Diep

    Kylie Diep

    Director of Software Development

  • Daniel Stroud

    Daniel Stroud

    Director of Software Engineering

  • The cat says meow!



  • Simon Collins

    Simon Collins

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Chen-Po Sun

    Chen-Po Sun

    Senior Developer

  • Natassja Brodie

    Natassja Brodie

    Lead Game Artist

  • Noko Washiyama

    Noko Washiyama

    Senior Designer

  • Joey Egger

    Joey Egger

    Executive Producer

  • Paul Tran

    Paul Tran

    Lead Producer

  • Jarrod Moldrich

    Jarrod Moldrich

    Senior Developer

  • Tali Gal-on

    Tali Gal-on

    Senior Designer

  • Ben Loft

    Ben Loft

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Gwyneth Richards

    Gwyneth Richards

    Office Manager (Melbourne)

  • Ben Kersten

    Ben Kersten

    Senior Software Developer

  • Kieran Byrne

    Kieran Byrne

    Lead Quality Assurance

  • Björn Hornemann

    Björn Hornemann

    General Manager, Europe

  • Alison Dale

    Alison Dale


  • Andrew Chin

    Andrew Chin

    Design Lead

  • Fleur Telford

    Fleur Telford

    Financial Controller

  • Ash Herring

    Ash Herring

    Project Manager

  • Jason Strachan

    Jason Strachan

    UI/UX Guru

  • Chris De Vere

    Chris De Vere

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Michael Marcuzzo

    Michael Marcuzzo

    QA Engineer

  • Jess Davey

    Jess Davey

    HR Manager

  • Darcy Rayner

    Darcy Rayner


  • Sarah Nesbitt

    Lena Thiemich

    Office Manager

  • Ee-Leng Chang

    Ee-Leng Chang


  • Luan My Nguyen Dang

    Luan My Nguyen Dang

    QA Engineer

  • Mensly

    Michael Ensly

    Software Developer

  • Laurie Trichet

    Laurie Trichet

    Senior developer

  • Jacob Gebauer

    Jacob Gebauer


  • Nick Darvey

    Nick Darvey


  • Ingrid Acon Chan

    Ingrid Acon Chan

    Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Arne Biesiekierski

    Arne Biesiekierski

    Quality Assurance

  • Sam Fagan

    Sam Fagan

    Quality Assurance

  • Charlie Timlock

    Charlie Timlock

    Quality Assurance

  • Brett Rogers

    Brett Rogers

    Quality Assurance

  • Jonathan Dang

    Jonathan Dang

    Quality Assurance

Our Specialities

We’re well versed across the digital spectrum from ideation through to infrastructure management. We get our hands dirty with Augmented Reality, immersive transmedia experiences, children’s learning and gaming.

We work closely with leaders in hardware innovation, and play daily with groundbreaking technology. We are a member of the Apple Consultants Network, a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, and a Qualcomm preferred developer for Augmented Reality and Second Screen technologies.

Two Moos

Two Moos,
serving up bite-sized experiences – just for kids.

Children have been at the heart of Two Bulls since the very beginning.

The Two Moos team is given the space to create apps and experiences for children that push the boundaries of intuitive and ubiquitous design, with a focus on healthy, creative and fun learning experiences that toddlers and preschoolers love.

With decades of combined experience in the kids entertainment space, and working closely with companies such as Sesame Street and Hasbro, we also know how to integrate education goals, COPPA compliance and kid testing intimately into the development process.

Curious for more?

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