Introducing Penny The Pirate

June 18, 2014

The award winning interactive story-book ‘Penny The Pirate’ is now available for iOS and Android! The story book doubles as an eye test for kids – and is a world-first for helping parents assess their child’s vision.

Chief Operating Officer at Two Bulls

Penny The Pirate is an interactive children’s book that incorporates a set of eye tests to allow parents to engage with their kids, while checking their vision. OPSM is giving away the Penny the Pirate book, complete with an eye patch and 3D glasses, from all its stores nationwide, to promote eye care for children aged three to 10.   


The iOS and Android apps bring the book to life, making the process of having your eyes tested fun for kids.  The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia has approved the book in what is a world first combination of children’s book and certified eye test.

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We’ve been hard at work on Penny The Pirate with our good friends at Saatchi & Saatchi for the past few months – and its been hugely exciting to be a part of such a unique and novel campaign to help improve kids eye health.

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You can download the app for iOS and Android tablets – and order the test pack from within the app, or visit your local OPSM store!

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